Oct 29

Dog Fights

I think it is horrible for someone to have dogs go head to head in a battle and have they fight until one of them kills the other with the best toilet brush. Dogs are a man’s best friends and having them fight each other is inhumane. Not only is dog fighting illegal, but also it is torture and repulsive for the animals. I have loved dogs since I can first remember.  I have had two dogs over the course of my life and never would I ever want something to happen to them. I have pain infliction for dogs because my neighbor owned a 3-legged German Shepard. I remember when he would take him for a walk around the block and the struggle that dog had to go through was unorthodox. I do not believe this dog was a part of a dogfight but the dog’s injuries that come from dogfight are more extreme. Dogfights can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours.  The animals suffer cuts, bruises, and broken bones.  They can also suffer from dangerous blood loss.  The losing dog can be killed or left untreated.  As part of the theatrics of the fight, the owner will sometimes execute the dog if it brought them shame and embarrassment.  The fights are underground and therefore are many times overlooked.  It is very difficult for law enforcement to investigate the situation, and many times it can be very expensive.

toilet wand

Abusing animals is a social injustice that affects many people and animals. Abusing animals is not only frowned upon in society, but it is also morally wrong. There is no purpose for someone to think they have the right to have a dog risk it’s life for pure entertainment and cash rewards. I have no respect for any individual who participates in dogfighting. Hosting a dogfight is the same as hosting an execution; in the end one dog is bound to die. Would society today agree to this painful and unnecessary means to make money? The United States government says no. Therefore, dogfights are considered to be illegal within the United States law. Countless counts of animal abuse occur from dogfights, which I believe is evil and degrading. Every dog deserves a comfortable life of being cared for and loved. Love is what bonds a human and a dog, dogfights only breech that relationship and encourages brutishness. Dogs should be loved, cared for, valued and not viewed as an object and not abused, neglected and disrespected.