Nov 13

How to have an awesome summer party

In this session I’m going to explain how to have the best summer party ever, while wearing the best sneakers for women.  So chill out and cool-off!  To have an awesome summer party the kids will absolutely love, start with frozen fruit juice pops and frozen fruity cocktails in a glass.  Sound good?  Well keep on reading because saucony running shoes women taught me all I needed to know about throwing a party and I’m going to share my secrets with you.

In your fruity cocktail, why not try a little Mango Tequila, Rose Wine Rasberry Tea, or Moscato Melon and Kiwi?  If you think it sounds yummy, just wait until you try it.  It’s absolutely delish!  For the kids, you can make mini golf ball sized pops by using a mini pop mold.  Just add a little juice and fresh fruit if they like it, and stick it in the freezer.


Don’t forget about adding fun and colorful super straws.  After all, it’s inexpensive decoration, full of color that will add a lot of life to your party.  You’ll need to buy super sturdy ones, not the cheap flimsy ones.    They will be used to help support the frozen cocktails.  Also, try some cool DIY pom-pom decorations or even DIY paper fans.  They’re super easy to make and look great.  Make some Carmel corn and place it in brown baggies decorated with Popsicle cutouts and real Popsicle sticks.  The kids will love that!  Also, you can make pinwheels by cutting a template, folding along the lines to the center and attaching it with a grommet to one of the heavy duty straws you bought for the frozen cocktails.  Lastly, you’ll need a lot of fruit, already pre-cut for the kids, and some pretzels or another healthy snack alternative.

If you have a pool, that’s even better.  Make sure there’s enough sunscreen to go around and keep applying it so you don’t accidentally send a kid home with a horrific burn.  You wouldn’t want one of the other moms to tell anyone else and ruin the chances of ever being able to have a swim party again.  Other than that, you’re all set and should have one awesome party.

Nov 13

Brutal Violence in Mexico

“Hardly anyone has vito the glow of the fire with bodies,” said Murillo.

Questioned by stila in the light with the phrase “I got tired,” which went viral on social networks, Attorney responded that he does not regret having said that it is normal to get tired, “For I am human and also what I’m tired is the brutal violence.”

“When I said I’m tired, I’m tired of brutal violence, I have lived every day since then, yes formwork me. Besides that I had 40 hours without sleep,” he said in an interview with First News.

Was it a bad phrase?, asked Loret.

No, I was tired and it’s the truth

Will would say?

Naturally, since I do not have to tell lies. I am as stila in the garden as anyone and also get tired. It took 30 days sleeping four hours and that day was 40 hours without sleep. I also came from Chilpancingo that when you hear them (parents), you shiver.

At the conference Murillo Karam offered Friday, at the end of the communication, Murillo Karam got a reporter’s question with the phrase: “I’m tired” and concluded the report.

But still adamant that he will not close the investigation until we have hard evidence of the fate of 43 young students.

“My duty is to search for the missing. In many diven let us, even if they seem crazy, let’s go,” said Attorney.

The case of students has shaken the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, who took office in December 2012 promising to control the violence inherited from his predecessor Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) and his failed campaign against drug cartels.

However as it is the mandate of Pena, more than 30,000 people have been killed, adding to the 70,000 who died during the Calderon administration.

Gross fixed investment has a better upside in 21 months

The annual average rate of gross fixed investment from January to August 2014, seasonally adjusted, was 0.6%; and although the dynamics are better than the same period last year.

During August 2014, gross fixed investment increased 5.1% to seasonally adjusted annual rate, which represents the largest increase in 21 months and, in turn, the fourth consecutive increase, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) .


Nov 11

A San severed at the start operation “HELMET”

The Mayor, Francis Millet, Alderman Michele Emiliano legality and the commander of the local police, greater Caro Sacco, presented this morning at the City Palace “Operation Helmet”. The initiative, education law, provides for those who are sanctioned for non-use of helmets in contravention of the Highway Code to receive a helmet in tribute presenting to the police headquarters paid the fine. “We will demonstrate that the fines do not make cash – the mayor pink salmon- but to save the lives of many boys who underestimate San severed the use of the helmet. The intent is also to start a new relationship of trust between the San severed and the body of the Local Police, which should not be seen, as is the case today, as a sanctioning body, but which prevents and sanctions for keeping public order and benefit of the community. ”


A change of pace according to the Mayor and the Councilor Francis Millet Legality, Michele Emiliano, who, with this and other initiatives that will be undertaken immediately, lay the foundation for a culture change that will help to avoid the perceived insecurity in citizenship . “In addition to awareness-raising and education law that will be undertaken in schools – adds the mayor Francis Millet – we will monitor all funding opportunities arising from salmon dishes programs Poor Pun or to strengthen the surveillance system and network cameras from business premises or private homes with cameras monitoring public service. So as to enable the police to have more control and constant throughout. We will check with the associations finally the tax benefits provided for certain categories such as tobacconists and pharmacists, for the installation of video surveillance systems to deter robberies. ”

By the Mayor and the Councilor Michele Emiliano has come also the commitment to start a path of legality shared with the public.

“In addition to starting courses in law schools – adds Councilor Michele Emiliano – it is necessary that all citizens are involved in this cultural change. It is necessary that the San severed take care to point out what is wrong with the institutions or law enforcement agencies. In this context, the administration may be a bridge between the citizen and the police. The activation of one-stop anti-racket and the activation of a toll-free number which may also collect anonymous reports can be an important first step, but it is the entire community with the administration and the police to initiate a process of legality and security. “

Nov 07

I wish I were a little bit Taller

I wish that I was a talented musician. I love listening to music and I think people who have that gift of being able to play music are very lucky. I do know quite a few people who have that gift. I went to the coffee shop the other night with some friends and listened to music. One guy was playing with a schecter. They are very expensive from what I hear. He had long hair and had it pulled back into a ponytail. The girl that was playing with him had boots on that I loved. I can’t figure out where she bought them. I have not seen boots like that anywhere. They were brown with a buckle on them. They also had a zipper and looked like they were snug in the calf. I also liked the jeans they had on and the shirts that they were wearing. They must have gone to a store that is not around here.

schecter damien

The girl had a couple of metal guitars. The played with one and then with the other. They both sang and had really good voices. There were a lot of people at the coffee shop. They do not have a lot of parking so many people walk there. I love the sandwich that they serve at the coffee shop. The soup is also very good. The special that night was chicken noodle soup. It looked like many people were ordering that so I decided to try it. Good choice it was very tasty. The other soup that they were serving was a French onion soup. That looked good too. Someone else at the table order that soup with a turkey and cheese sandwich. The salads were looked good. I usually order one of their house salads but I did not order one that night. I thought just the soup would be enough.

We sat and listened to music and ate and chatted. Many people that I knew came into the coffee shop. Many of them walked and stopped at some of the shops in the town. They really have some interesting shops in this town. The store with the interested clothes seems to get the most business. The new bakery also gets a lot of business. They also have a baby shop where many women and men visit. Sometimes I like to go in there. Others times I just like to window shop. Many interest thing to see in those windows. The shoe store sells so many brands of shoes. I love when a store has a large selection of shoes.

Oct 29

Dog Fights

I think it is horrible for someone to have dogs go head to head in a battle and have they fight until one of them kills the other with the best toilet brush. Dogs are a man’s best friends and having them fight each other is inhumane. Not only is dog fighting illegal, but also it is torture and repulsive for the animals. I have loved dogs since I can first remember.  I have had two dogs over the course of my life and never would I ever want something to happen to them. I have pain infliction for dogs because my neighbor owned a 3-legged German Shepard. I remember when he would take him for a walk around the block and the struggle that dog had to go through was unorthodox. I do not believe this dog was a part of a dogfight but the dog’s injuries that come from dogfight are more extreme. Dogfights can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours.  The animals suffer cuts, bruises, and broken bones.  They can also suffer from dangerous blood loss.  The losing dog can be killed or left untreated.  As part of the theatrics of the fight, the owner will sometimes execute the dog if it brought them shame and embarrassment.  The fights are underground and therefore are many times overlooked.  It is very difficult for law enforcement to investigate the situation, and many times it can be very expensive.

toilet wand

Abusing animals is a social injustice that affects many people and animals. Abusing animals is not only frowned upon in society, but it is also morally wrong. There is no purpose for someone to think they have the right to have a dog risk it’s life for pure entertainment and cash rewards. I have no respect for any individual who participates in dogfighting. Hosting a dogfight is the same as hosting an execution; in the end one dog is bound to die. Would society today agree to this painful and unnecessary means to make money? The United States government says no. Therefore, dogfights are considered to be illegal within the United States law. Countless counts of animal abuse occur from dogfights, which I believe is evil and degrading. Every dog deserves a comfortable life of being cared for and loved. Love is what bonds a human and a dog, dogfights only breech that relationship and encourages brutishness. Dogs should be loved, cared for, valued and not viewed as an object and not abused, neglected and disrespected.